I have bought plenty of men’s lifestyle magazines since I started senior high school. This was the reason why I came to love dressing up even without any special events. My friends and I would go to thrift shops and pick anything that caught my eye and would mix and match outfits when I get home. When I landed a job, I started buying more clothes and accessories. My officemates started to notice it and would ask me for advice when there are company events. This is where the idea of writing a men’s lifestyle blog came to light.

MEBRIEFING offers the latest in men’s fashion, lifestyle hacks, and what most men love to talk about – sex! It’s a website made by men for men! You can’t go wrong with our well-researched guides and tips that will establish your alpha state in the middle of the crowd! Regardless if you are straight, bisexual, gay or anything you identify yourself to be, there is always something for you.

We would also like to encourage everyone to share their stories, questions, and other concerns with us, so we can feature them on our website! We will also be giving away merch regularly, so stay tuned for the mechanics!