Building Your Own Man Cave? Here’s What You’ll Need

Have you ever considered building a man cave? If the answer is yes, we have a couple of tricks and essentials that you might want to add to your space. Even though man cave setup is something personal, there are still general tricks that might help you along the way.

What Is a Man Cave, and Why Is It Essential?

A man cave is also known as man space, and it is a special room for relaxing. It can be a part of the house, garage, or anything else you can afford transforming into a cave. The general idea is to create a comfortable space where you can enjoy spending time alone (or with your friends).

The contents of the man cave are completely up to you. Try finding things you enjoy, like hobbies or decorations, and make a safe zone for relaxing. The reason why man caves are so important is obvious — everyone needs time for themselves, and this way, you will get to do what you enjoy without anyone bothering you.

It is also an excellent way to unwind and display things and items that make you happy.

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Man Cave Essentials

The contents of the room or cave can be anything you like. There are no rules or limitations. As long as it makes you happy, it should be in it. However, for those who are looking for some tips or ideas, here are some common items you might want to consider adding to your man cave.

1. Recliner

There are so many reasons why a recliner is essential in your man cave. It’s comfortable, adjustable, and it looks great. Whether you love playing video games, watching sports, reading, napping, or anything else, the recliner is an excellent choice.

The reason why the recliner is on the top of the list is the variety it offers. Not everyone enjoys sports or playing video games. For some, these two might not be as important as you’d expect, but the recliner is almost a must-have for any guy out there. There is nothing more relaxing than grabbing a drink and falling asleep in a comfy chair.

2. Television

Now, living without a TV is not impossible, but it can be more fun if you have one. You can use it for streaming services, playing games, watching sports, or anything else you find enjoyable.

It is also an excellent opportunity to host a sports night with your buddies, where you don’t need to worry about anything else but the game. Needless to say, even if you are not into sports, you can make your own mini cinema to watch movies alone or with your family.

3. Man Cave Bar & Fridge

You’ll have a challenging time finding a guy who’s never dreamed of having a bar. Now, it is a perfect time for you to have one. For those that can’t afford (or don’t have enough space for) a full bar, a simple fridge will do the trick.

It will keep your drinks close and cold. Naturally, it is up to you to decide what kind of beverages you’ll have in your fridge. It can be anything from beer to orange juice. You don’t even need to have alcohol if that’s what you want. There are no rules except the ones you make yourself.

4. A Pool (Billiards) or Poker Table

A TV can be great entertainment, but it shouldn’t be the only option. This is why you might want to consider adding something else, for example, a pool table. Pool is an excellent sport, and interestingly, almost everyone loves it. You can play with your buddies, your family, or guests.

However, one of the biggest problems with a pool table is that it takes so much space. You need to have enough free space for the table and for the players to move around and not hit walls when they start playing. If this is too much, you can always consider getting a poker table instead. It requires a lot less space, but it can be equally fun to play.

5. A Dartboard or a Gaming Computer Set

Another man cave idea is to add a dartboard or a gaming computer. Needless to say, dartboards don’t take a lot of space, and they can be quite affordable. All you need to do is find a free wall and nail it there.

When it comes to gaming computers, they can be quite expensive, and not everyone enjoys playing video games. So it’s up to you to see which type of entertainment is more suitable for your cave and what you’d rather have in it.

6. Your Own Personal Touch

One of the most important things you need to remember is that it is your personal space. This means that it should be tailored to your taste and what you love doing in your free time. You don’t like sports or video games? Well, that’s perfectly fine. You can add books, figurines, your stamp or coin collection, or anything else you want to display.

Online guides can give you a few ideas, but you are the most important person and the decision-maker, so find what makes you happy and put it in your special room.

7. Sports Memorabilia

Guys love sports. There’s no doubt about it. This means that you can use sports memorabilia to decorate the man cave and make it look amazing. Have you ever caught a ball during a baseball match? Do you have an autograph of your favorite player? Have you bought a special jersey? All of this can become a part of the decor. The best thing about it is that it can look gorgeous.

There is something amazing about framed jerseys and rare trading cards. Feel free to experiment and create something unique and beautiful.

8. Extra Seating

While man caves are imagined as a personal space, this doesn’t mean that you can never have guests in it. This is why you should consider adding extra seats to the room. It will allow your visitors to enjoy themselves and have a great time whenever they visit your man cave.

9. Bar Stools

For those who plan to have a full bar, bar stools are always the safest option. They don’t take a lot of space, and they are ideal for having a few drinks. Furthermore, they will make you (and your guests) feel like you’ve taken a day off and are enjoying a few drinks with your friends.

It is always great to have more places to sit in case someone wants to join you.

10. LED Lights

The ultimate man cave needs proper lighting. While regular bulbs can do the trick, LEDs will make it more special and unique. This type of light is great for gaming, pool, poker, bar, or any other activity you plan on having. It will also make your decoration look stunning.

The best thing is you can program them to act in a certain way based on the type of activity you’re enjoying. Be creative and enjoy having a special place for yourself.