APRIL 23 @ 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM EDT $32.00

90% of People think that sexual activity should be consensual, however only 28% of Canadians know what consent actually is. Consent education has been overlooked as a crucial component to ending gender based/sexual violence. Learning and understanding consent based practices is the first step in preventing sexual violence and dismantling norms that put us all at risk. This workshop comes with a resource sheet and reflection sheet.

About the facilitator: Caitlin started her career in education and activism in the early year’s sector, with a focus on public policy and trauma informed pedagogy. Throughout her career she has developed a deep devotion to community organizing and working with survivors of sexual assault and violence. Caitlin is the founder of Admirer of Lust, a non-profit organization led by survivors for survivors. The organizations focus is safer spaces training, policy development and providing the community with survivor centric workshops and services. Caitlin has built a foundation of community activism and education on the principles of equity, anti-oppression, feminism and trauma informed practices. She has delivered keynotes across the province on gender based violence and sexual assault and has contributed to multiple publications on education, violence and advocacy. She contributes her knowledge on multiple round tables and committees across the country. Caitlin has been featured in several media outlets and newspapers, she has led rally’s, demonstrations and actively supports other survivor led organizations. Born in Germany, Caitlin is an immigrant, Greek person, LGBT community member and lives in Seattle.

APRIL 24 @ 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM EDT $32.00

Sex is intimidating. Figuring out how to pleasure your partner, communicating what and how you like it, getting adventurous to try something new without feeling silly – all these worries and more can make us feel like we aren’t superstars in bed. From body confidence, to tips for sex skills building and advice on using sexy communication to discover desires, this class will build your confidence for a new approach to sex with your existing or new partners. Learn:

  • How to build body confidence
  • Becoming an amazing giver and receiver
  • How to be a responsive lover
  • How to navigate negative body thoughts, shame, self-esteem barriers
  • Tips for exploring your sexuality, sexual interests and attractions
  • Techniques for practicing sexual confidence inside and outside of sex
  • This is a presentation style you do not need a partner to attend and all genders are welcome.

MAY 2 @ 5:00 PM – 7:30 PM EDT $32.00

Add even more sexual satisfaction through the untapped potential of anal pleasure. Whether you are a novice looking for ways to begin butt play pleasurably or a veteran seeking additional wisdom and even more bliss, this workshop is full of tips to guarantee and maximize pleasure for you and/or a partner. We’ll discuss warming up the mind and body, giving and receiving anal pleasure, lube, cleanliness and health, anal anatomy, g-spots and prostates, toys, anal penetration, and more.

All genders welcome.

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