Girls Are Going Crazy Over Gamers, and Here’s Why

Do you refuse to date gamers? Or are you a gamer who’s worried about his chances with women? Fortunately, the times have changed, and gamers are no longer considered nerdy and lazy loners who have nothing to offer. Hot girls are going crazy over gamers, and here’s why!

Bad Boys Are So Yesterday

Have you noticed that popular culture has started to put a stop to bad boys and rebellious alpha males? Those archetypes are falling behind new societal norms. In fact, women are becoming less and less attracted to guys who take control, act recklessly, and put themselves first.

In a way, bad boys emphasize toxic masculinity, gender biases, and other issues that perpetuate some of our society’s most negative aspects. Some examples are the objectification of women, sexism, and even abuse. Fortunately, we are shifting away from macho culture. We are looking for a new form of masculinity that encourages behavioral norms, structures, and practices that value positive attitudes towards women. Could we find our answers in male gamers?

Revenge of the Nerds

For a long time, we’ve portrayed and understood gamers as loners, weirdos, and nerds who do not live in the real world. Most people think of them as the complete opposite of alpha males. You’ll see this in ’80s movies where high school gamer kids often get bullied by popular jocks who get all the girls. However, all of that is changing.

Girls are moving their focus away from alpha males and are starting to target gamers. If this sounds a bit unreal, consider the fact that gaming culture has changed a lot. Moreover, video game players have turned into a different animal altogether. In fact, there are multiple (and totally legit) reasons why girls are going for gamer guys instead of bad boys!

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Gamers Know the Value of Alone Time

Firstly, the modern gamer is a hyper-productive individual who knows how to manage his time. Games take up a lot of free time, and coordinating them with a busy schedule makes gamers more productive.

Additionally, gamers understand what it means to have free time. They know how to make the most of their alone time, aka game time. In turn, this makes them understand their partners’ needs much better compared to bad boys. This also makes gamers less needy and clingy, which consequently makes them more attractive.

Gamers Are More Intelligent Than Average

Multiple studies have shown that male gamers are more intelligent than average. For instance, in childhood, boys who play video games instead of only playing outside exhibit higher IQ levels.

Also, the majority of gamers have high IQs across the board. A study that tested League of Legends players concluded that the average IQ for that gamer group was around 115 to 120. This means that gamers actually have an above-average IQ, which puts them in the top fifteen percent of the population.

Other studies have found that gamers have higher cognitive abilities and problem-solving skills compared to non-gamers. Gamers outperform non-gamers by ten to even 20 percent in most cognitive or perceptual tests. What’s more, they have a higher focus, a healthier curiosity, better mental health, and higher brain power.

Gamers Have a Broad Imagination

All of that extra intelligence translates to traits that women are highly attracted to —  imagination and creativity. Typically, gaming fosters creativity and opens the mind up to new experiences that facilitate imagination. Imagination is a vital part of dating, flirting, and spending time with someone. Girls are more attracted to dynamic relationships that provide new experiences, and gamers can certainly use their brains to deliver them.

Moreover, increased imagination could also lead to a highly dynamic dating and sex lives. Also, social gamers who exclusively play games with others online are bound to be more communicative. Combine that with a more active imagination, and you’ll get some traits that bad boys seriously fail to deliver.

Gamers Are Low-Maintenance

As we’ve said, gamers know how to take care of their time. Plus, they know how to prioritize their work, tasks, relationships and make them fit their gaming lifestyle. Hence, they are low-maintenance.

If men are attracted to video games, there’s a much smaller chance that they’ll seek out other hobbies or activities. They may not be into cars, expensive parties, flashy clothes, and so on. Plus, girls like them because they are not needy. They will not make all sorts of demands to their partners. An even better trait is that gamer guys are quite faithful. Most of them do not want to fool around and cheat behind someone’s back.

Still, being low-maintenance doesn’t make gamers attractive because it allows girls to use and manipulate them. Girls are mainly into gamers because they are laid-back and they don’t have too many personal demands compared to non-gamer bad boys (e.g., jealousy).

Gamers Are Richer Than Before

Gaming has grown into a massive industry that offers lots of ways to get rich. For example, the Internationals offer $40 million as an award for being a DOTA 2 champion. Other estimates say that high-profile gamers could cash in anywhere from a few thousand and up to $15,000 per hour through live streams and endorsements.

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On the other hand, game developers or game designers also earn a lot. They can rake in six-figure salaries or more. Nobody could have predicted this expansion of the gaming world.

Essentially, it has given rise to a more successful gamer who can turn their hobby into various prospective career options. This is highly attractive to women. Regardless of gender-biases, everyone looks for financial stability and responsibility in their future partners. On top of being intelligent, thoughtful, and committed, gamers are now richer than ever before, and that makes them incredibly hot to most women!

Gamers Are Real-Life Heroes

The video game industry has also made many efforts to help people in need. For example, UNICEF has organized some online gaming tournaments to help the children of refugees. Additionally, many charities like Anthony Nolan have encouraged gamers through social media platforms to donate blood.

Perhaps the best example is Bachir Boumaaza, aka Athene. This famous gamer uses his income from gaming to support child survival programs across the world. Boumaaza has used his influence to raise millions of dollars for children in West Africa and has inspired other gamers to follow suit!

Game On!

As you can see, gamers have a lot to offer when it comes to relationships and sex. That’s why girls are totally crazy about them! So if you’re a gamer, don’t be intimidated by bad boys because it looks like you’ll have a much better chance at hooking up with girls! Good luck!