How to Be an Alpha Male

Alpha Male Traits You Must Develop If You Want an Awesome Life

“I can’t talk to her; she’s out of my league.” “I don’t feel like I’m good enough to do that, even if it’s my dream.” “It didn’t happen for me because it was not supposed to happen.” Do you ever find yourself thinking these thoughts? Do you believe others see you as a nice guy who will never live up to anything greater in life? Are you worried you’ll have lived a life that is filled with regrets?

Then, my friend, you’re more than likely a beta male. And that’s OK because there are ways you can change that. It’s not one of those “that’s the cards I’ve been dealt” cases where you just have to live through it no matter what. In fact, being an alpha or a beta is a choice, and we’ll show you how you can go and live your life to the fullest. But before we get there, let’s check out what alpha and beta males represent.

What Is an Alpha Male?

When we use the term “alpha male,” people usually imagine the Rock from the Middle Ages, who kills bears with bare hands and goes into battles without a shield. While that may have been true back then, real men today don’t have to hunt for their food. So you don’t need to kill an elk to prove you have an alpha personality unless you’re competing with Joe Rogan.

But then again, being a true alpha is not about competition with other guys. You don’t have to be the dominant male in your social circle to be the alpha. It’s also not about your wealth and achievements. Being an alpha is a mindset — you’re in control of your own life, and you want to be the one who chooses what happens. Alpha males understand that life is there to enjoy it; you should pursue your dreams and not let others bring you down. Alphas work on what they want; they don’t just let time pass while waiting for undeserved handouts.

What Is a Beta Male?

As you can see above, the difference between an alpha and a beta is not in the number of girlfriends they have. The modern perception of an alpha male is either a mega-rich superstar or a jacked gym rat. But that’s not what being alpha is about. Sure, getting girls is one side of it, but that is not the primary thing. It’s all about the perception of oneself!

For instance, beta males will follow the rules no matter what, they will do what they’re told, and they won’t strive for more. They are reactive towards what is happening in their lives, instead of being on top of it and making situations happen on their own.

Remember, “being a beta” has nothing to do with being homosexual, feminine, or emotional; it’s about leading a better life. But what if you’re a natural-born follower? Well, you can work on that. We’ll now discuss seven traits of alpha males that you can adopt to become an alpha top. Let’s get to it!


This alpha male characteristic is likely the most alpha of them all. Everybody has an idea or a dream of what they want to do with their lives. The difference between betas and alphas is that the latter take action to achieve that goal. They’re not ashamed to express what they want, they speak their minds freely, and they aren’t afraid of confrontation.

For example, if they’re unhappy with something their girlfriend does, betas would rather keep quiet and sulk so that they don’t leave their comfort zone. They do that passive-aggressive thing of hinting at displeasure, instead of openly talking about it. You don’t have to start fights for the sake of it, but don’t cower in a corner like a coward once a confrontation occurs. Read 10 tips for being assertive


You should always be a gentleman. But there’s a fine line between a gentleman and a doormat everyone calls a nice guy. Be considerate, courteous, and show empathy towards others. Respect them, but not at all costs. You should respect yourself more than anyone else. When you agree with someone, agree truthfully, not because you just want the approval of others. Betas rarely express their genuine opinions if they don’t align with their peers’.

Gentlemen will always be kind and sympathetic toward others, but they are not spineless people who agree just for the sake of it. Show that you have a personality, opinions, and that you won’t be that nice guy in the corner nobody genuinely likes.

Seek Genuine Connection, Not Validation

Let’s think for a second about so-called pickup artists. What do they do? They find ways to entice women into liking them. That tells us that they don’t find themselves likable and need a pickup routine (a trick, really) to get a girl to smile. That’s a classic beta move.

When you enter a relationship, why are you in it? Do you just want proof of being able to pull a nice girl? Do you do it just so that you can say you’ve done it? Beta males seek validation in others by entering into relationships they don’t enjoy just to feel loved. They allow disrespectful behavior, and they partake in sex with girls they don’t find attractive. If you’re not interested in a girl, don’t be with her. Alphas are in relationships to enjoy life a bit more, not to get even unhappier.


It’s all about taking control of your life. Sure, you should possess the humility to accept that some people know more about a specific subject than you. It’s normal to take advice and seek one. But, ultimately, you want to be the captain of your boat, and you’re the one who makes the final call.

So while taking advice is smart, don’t do it just because you don’t want to be the one who makes the risk. Beta males trust others over themselves, and they do things even they don’t agree with deep down. You should always trust yourself the most.

Aim for Mastery and Growth

Life is short, and you should make the most of it. It’s a lazy saying, but it’s true. Take your life by the horns and always try to make it better. Don’t settle for mediocrity. Everyone has their potential, but many accept the status quo and don’t want to have something better than what they already have. You should try to reach excellence in all areas of your life, be it relationships, your career, or your physical appearance.

Face Fears

Here’s the truth: you’re not a pussy if you’re afraid of something. It’s normal to have fears — that’s what makes us human. We all fight some mental health struggles, and all of us have a hindrance. But don’t use that as an excuse for leading an unhappy life. Face your fears head-on and deal with them. The sooner you learn to live with them, the sooner they’ll stop being a problem.

Acknowledge Weakness

It’s the same as with fears; we all have our weaknesses. Be confident about them. It’s impossible to excel at everything or to be a know-it-all. You should accept that sometimes you need advice and don’t always know enough to have an educated opinion. People will respect you more when you’re truthful about your shortcomings. Betas tend to pretend they’re always right, and they overstate their abilities. Others don’t appreciate this.

To sum it up, if you’re unhappy about your life and some of your traits, work on them. You can change for the better, and you can be the alpha you’ve always wanted to be.