The Hows and the Whys of Anal Gaping

If you ask the average Joe what their biggest concerns regarding anal intercourse are, well aside from concerns regarding fecal matters, anal stretching will probably be somewhere at the top of the list. Those of us who are proud of our hot, tight puckers that can milk any dick can sometimes be scared that anal play will leave our holes wide open and that our sphincter will refuse to go back to its compact state.

While this fear isn’t unfounded, it’s somewhat irrational as the sphincter does have a natural proclivity to remain tight. However, the concern is also a complete opposite of one of the most famous kinks ever — anal gaping.

Although quite extreme, anal gaping isn’t that uncommon. Surely you’ve seen plenty of pornos where the guy pulls out of a particularly comfy looking hole. Instead of seeing the pucker blink at the camera and close, you’re faced with a gaping hole that exposes rectal and anal muscles. 

Why Would I Even Want a Gaping Hole?

Listen, we’re not here to kink shame, but we understand the question. People enjoy anal for various reasons, but one of those is undoubtedly the tightness and firmness of the asshole. It simply makes anal penetration feel different than any other form of sex. So, asking yourself, “Why would I even want to change that?” kind of makes sense.

Pushing the Boundaries

One of the reasons that people love anal gaping is because they enjoy pushing themselves to the limit. Anal sex prep can sometimes go to the extreme and turn into anal gaping. But, that rarely happens without extensive anal training. What we’re trying to say here is that you can’t exactly end up with a massive, gaping hole by accident. 

Sexy Toys of All Sizes

So, you kind of have to love it to make it happen. People who enjoy anal sex or anal stimulation of any kind sometimes stretch their assholes to their limits. They might want the satisfaction of personal achievement, or they have a specific goal in mind (like a massive dildo they’ve been eyeing, that couldn’t possibly fit into a tight pucker).

Gaping as a prelude to anal play with large toys isn’t that uncommon. It’s quite logical that larger objects such as extreme anal toys won’t be able to fit without intense prep. In fact, if you’ve ever been browsing for sex toys and saw some beautiful large objects but told yourself “Don’t let your eyes write checks your asshole can’t cash!” then you should know that, with anal gaping, there are no checks your asshole can’t cash!

Power Play 

Of course, people gape their assholes to please their partners as well. Some size queens love seeing how big of a hole their partner left behind after pounding into them mercilessly. What’s more, their partners surely don’t mind as it’s an ego boost like no other. Anal gaping can also be a part of BDSM play.

Is Anal Gaping Safe?

Look, nothing in life is safe if you approach it willy-nilly. However, if you take proper precautions and approach anal gaping with a solid, realistic plan, there’s no reason for fear.

In other words, if you wake up one morning and say, “Imma jump on the biggest dildo I can find today!” and then proceed to do precisely that with just a little prep, you’ll probably end up with extreme soreness (which is the best case scenario). Unsafe anal gaping can also lead to anal tearing or prolapsed anus, and, of course, infections that usually follow those conditions.

With proper prep (that includes more than just shoving a butt plug with a flared base down there and waiting for a bit!), anal gaping is a safe activity.

Best Types of Toys for Anal Gaping

There are actually quite a few sex toys out there that you can use to gape your asshole. Of course, you have to understand that this is a process. It should always start with an enema. Making the area as clean as possible is paramount. Then, drown everything in lube. Seriously, the more, the merrier.

After that, as always in anal play — start small and work your way up. You can use: 

  • dilators
  • anal training kits
  • butt plugs
  • dildos

You can start with the smallest toys and work your way toward that monster dildo you have your eye on!

Where Do Beginners Start?

Again, we feel as if we keep repeating ourselves, but there’s no shame in starting small. Sure, you have a huge goal, and the road there will be hard and long, but you can’t cut corners when it comes to anal gaping. So, the best size for beginners is the one they are already comfortable with.

How Often Is Too Often In the World of Anal Gaping?

Another common question most beginners have is how often they can do it. We get the eagerness, and the sheer enthusiasm that compensates for the utter lack of experience is adorable!

However, keep in mind that anal gaping isn’t something you can achieve in one session. You can’t sit your tight, narrow asshole on a dildo and expect miraculous results. 

Anal gaping requires training that can last weeks. If you’re a complete beginner, you need to start with a small anal sex toy. Insert it two or three times a day, and keep it in for around 15 minutes. As soon as you stop feeling discomfort while you’re inserting the toy, you can size it up.

Best Positions for Gaping Your Asshole

There is no universal position that will make anal gaping suddenly comfortable. However, if you’re not particularly limber and flexible, laying on your side and approaching your anus from behind is somewhat of a safe bet. 

That position makes reaching the anus and manipulating toys easier. However, it’s not the be-all-end-all position, especially if you’re with a partner.

If you have someone helping you gape your asshole, congratulations — your hand won’t cramp up. Again, you and your partner can choose any position that makes you both comfortable. But, the safest bet would be to either stay on your stomach or to get on all fours.

A Few Parting Words

Although anal gaping isn’t for everyone, it’s an exciting kink and a fantastic prep for anal intercourse. It takes quite a bit of patience and effort, but if you ask the enthusiasts, the results are more than worth it!