How to Gape Your Asshole?

Asshole gaping is an extreme form of anal play. But what is gaping? Well, anus gaping can be defined as an act that helps to open up the anus. The anal region is usually a very tight place but extended anal sex and anal play with large toys open up the muscles in your asshole. Asshole gaping makes further anal sex more enjoyable for the receiving partner.

But, how to do that? Now, before delving into further discussions about gaping, you should know anal gaping is slightly complicated and hence you must proceed with caution. The post below offers a step by step guide on asshole gaping.

Step 1- Clear colon

The first step in any kind of anal play is colon cleansing. You can take to enema to ensure complete cleansing before the backdoor fun. You certainly don’t want your partner to encounter fecal matters while entering inside you.

Step 2- Relax

This is one of the most important steps to follow when we are talking about anal gaping or for any kind of anal play. First take a long shower in lukewarm water. It will be better if you take the shower together with your partner. After that, you can play some light serene music to calm down your nerves. Don’t let stress come in between as it will ruin the entire mood. Relaxation is crucial because when you are tensed, your body automatically tightens up. As a result, your muscles refuse to open up. But when you are relaxed both physically and mentally, your body and muscles responds better.

Step 3- Get aroused

Next, you will have to arouse each other to get in the groove of the action. You can’t just start having anal sex the moment you hit the bed. There are various ways to get aroused for anal gaping. One is rimming or ass licking. You can ask your partner to lick your asshole for amazing stimulation. According to experts, you must experience at least three orgasms before starting with anal gaping. When you are relaxed & aroused, your muscles tend to loosen up which makes asshole gaping even easier.

Step 4- Lube up

After you are all aroused, it’s time to lube up. You will apply a generous share of lube on rectum and also on your fingers. Lubrication will help with a smooth backdoor entry. You will have to apply more lubricant for anal gaping than you do for vaginal sex or for any action with sex toys.

Step 5- Start fingering

Tell your partner to lube up his fingers as he will have to finger insider your anus. Do not rush. Anything you do in haste in anal play will only lead to injuries and wounds. So, be slow and gentle with every move you take. After your anus and your partner’s finger have been greased, it’s time to start the fingering. Tell him to insert his finger gently in your rectum and make small circles inside. Once you get comfortable with small circles, tell him to make bigger ones.

Step 6- play with bigger toys and cock

As you get accustomed to bigger circles, your sphincter starts relaxing a bit. Now, it’s the time to insert anal toys such as butt plug. Make sure the plug comes with flared base so that one can have control over it once it goes inside. Ask your partner to stimulate you with the plug. Then, slowly, as you start getting comfortable with the plug, he can take it out and go for a full-on anal sex.

Do not forget to lube up every time you insert a new thing into your anus.