How to Pick Up a Girl at a Bar

What are the dos and don’ts of picking up women in bars? Are there some tricks that will improve your chances with any woman you meet?

Well, there are a couple of foolproof ways that could turn you into a full-on chick magnet. Check out our article to learn how to pick up a girl at a bar and get laid!

Be Confident

If you go out for a night of partying and hooking up, nothing can harm you more than a lack of confidence. A true alpha knows that his confidence is always the key to picking up chicks. It’s a total babe-magnet!

Typically, confidence is often more important than looks and cheesy pick-up lines. Women will look for it regardless of if they’re interested in hooking up or starting a relationship. But how can you show off your confidence in a crowded bar and get women to notice you?

For starters, the trick is not to overdo it. It could be a big turn-off, especially if you’re too cocky or pushy. If you constantly hover around girls and wait until they approach you, you’ll actually seem like a creepy guy or a horny pervert. Therefore, your best shot is to avoid lurking and waiting. Simply go for it as soon as you see an attractive girl and chat her up. This direct approach will be the best way to impress a chick. It will bring you closer to taking her home or getting her phone number.

Don’t Give Dirty Looks

As we’ve said, being arrogant and hot-headed will do more harm than good. Most of the time, chicks hate it when guys check them out from a distance and give them dirty looks. They also don’t like it when guys use inappropriate and vulgar comments. It will seem immature and pathetic. Additionally, avoid acting like a pornstar and assume that all the chicks are interested in what you’re packing.

While it can sometimes be hot to flirt with girls by looking at them, it may seem weird and creepy if you overdo it. So avoid this at all costs! Instead, give her a few looks with some eye contact. That will show her you’re interested. After that, it’s time to move in and strike up a conversation.

Own the Spotlight

Another great tip to impress girls and show them you’re a total stud is to own the party. Simply put yourself in the spotlight. You’ll get the attention of lots of women if you just move to the middle of all the action! Many chicks will pass you by, and you’ll get some great opportunities to chat them up.

What’s more, you can draw attention to yourself if you’re friendly and open to befriending everyone at the bar. So don’t hold back on the jokes and high fives. Plus, get ready to buy your friends some drinks and be a dependable wingman. It will also take some of the pressure off. You will end up having fun instead of being nervous about approaching women.

Don’t Just Give Out Drinks

While it’s fun to offer your friends a drink or more, chicks may not dig it if you constantly bombard them with cocktails and shots. It’s another way to seem weird and even desperate. So don’t send out drinks to multiple girls. It’s not a great way to get them to come to you.

If you’re looking to break the ice, a drink could sometimes work in your favor. It’s an iconic move, but it will only work if you know what you’re doing. Much of it will depend on your timing and the type of girl.

Usually, it works better when you start talking to a woman as opposed to if you send a drink to a stranger and her friends. However, don’t just get any random drink. Check out what she’s having first or ask a bartender. When in doubt, champagne or anything bubbly will do the trick. If the girl is showing you clear clues and is engaging with you, she’ll definitely be up for it. If she turns you down, you should accept it like a man and simply move on.

Have Fun

Most importantly, picking up girls at bars shouldn’t be boring. You should act naturally and try to have fun. Some even say that the thrill of the chase is much better than the catch! That’s why you should be relaxed. Try to go with the flow and hang out with your friends first. This will show women that you’re not just out there to get laid. Plus, they’ll see that you’re an entertaining person to be around.

Of course, don’t overdo it. You shouldn’t drink too much or act like a hardcore party-boy. It could confuse women and make you become the laughing stock.

Approach and Isolate

Lastly, when it’s time to move in, simply approach a chick and isolate her. Lots of guys think that they’ll hit the home run when the action moves to the dance floor. But that may not always be the case. It’s sometimes better to pick your spot strategically.

The counter (the actual bar) is among the best places where you can stand. It’s a high-traffic spot, and you can approach girls much more directly from it. Then, when you see your potential hookup, get to her as soon as possible. Don’t wait or hesitate because the girl will lose interest quickly.

After that, when you start chatting, take her somewhere where you can actually talk and flirt without interruption. It may be a good idea to stake out your chosen pickup bar beforehand. That way, you’ll know which spots to pick. When you need to isolate her and get some time alone with her, take her to that spot. It’s usually a private table or a corner, and it will allow you to do your magic!

That’s It!

So now that you know the secrets of true pick-up artists, you’ll be able to hook up with girls all the time! Just follow our tricks and have fun! Good luck!