Impressing Your Tinder Date on Valentine’s Day

Are you nervous about Valentine’s day because you are single and you don’t want to spend the night alone? February 14 is the best time to try Tinder and share a wonderful time with a stranger! Check out our best tips for impressing your Tinder date on Valentine’s day!

The Best Day for a First Date

Contrary to popular belief, Valentine’s day is the perfect setting for a first date. If you think about it, singles usually feel more lonely on Valentine’s day. Since this is a holiday for couples, singles will rarely make plans for it. Yet, that could go to your advantage because it may be easier to find a date. 

Some consider a date on V-Day to be a big commitment, but it’s actually a great way to meet someone and have a fun date without any obligations. Plus, since this is a sexy holiday, lots of singles could be looking for a way to forget about their loneliness and find wild flings. If you don’t know how to ask a girl for Valentine’s day or if you can’t find one locally, you can use Tinder to make your search easier. Hooking up with someone through Tinder on Valentine’s day will also be much more fun!

Don’t Make It Too Cheesy, Go Casual!

Firstly, it’s important to take extra precautions on this special day and not be too cheesy. After all, the streets will be filled with romantic Valentine’s day decorations!

If your first date is scheduled for Valentine’s day, it’s better to take it easy and do something casual. Most women do not like formal and cheesy settings on first dates, so it’s much better to show them the real side of your personality. So don’t try too hard to impress your partner. Things like expensive dinner dates, buying Valentine’s day gifts like boxes of chocolates, and hiring a romantic string quartet are out of the question. 

Those ideas will increase the pressure and ultimately make you end up home alone. That’s why you should pick a common setting for your fun date idea. You can even choose a unique informal activity that takes the pressure off and allows you to have fun. If you’re spontaneous, you’ll have a much better time, and you may even get a chance to take someone home. So let’s look into some of the best casual Valentine’s day ideas you could try on the first date!

Make Her Laugh in Comedy Bar 

Comedy clubs are fantastic locations to spend Valentine’s day because they always end in good time. The shows are full of laughter! That can eliminate meaningless small talk while allowing you to have fun. 

Also, you can get to know someone faster and better through laughter. Moreover, comedy clubs are also a great setting for drinks and light partying. If you reserve a secluded table, you could even get to flirting quickly. And even if both of you end up hating the act, you can make silly comments about it and have a laugh that way. Also, there are many comedy shows on Valentine’s day, and they can take the pressure off with lots of hilarious V-Day and dating jokes.  

Turn Your Car Into a Sweet Little Bistro 

Now here’s an extra special idea: take her on a date in your car! Any car will do, but the trick is to turn it into a little bistro. You can put some effort in to decorate it with table cloths, ornaments, and you can also add a little romantic music to entertain her on the trip. 

What’s more, you can dress up and look your best while still not appearing cheesy. This is a creative idea, but not all girls will be into it. It’s not completely safe to jump into a car filled with liquor with a total stranger. If you want to do this, you should ask for your date’s permission in advance. If she agrees, you can give her a romantic ride through town, serve her a few drinks, and then head to another bar or club later. Just remember not to drink and drive. 

Take Her for a Nice Musical Evening 

Musical events make for some of the best first-date settings. Whether it’s a live band gig or a night at the opera, music will impress your date, and it will make Valentine’s day special. If you’re having trouble learning how to ask for a date on Tinder, you can always bring up music while chatting to someone, and you’ll instantly bond with them and feel good. 

However, if you want to take your date to a concert on Valentine’s day, remember our rule. Don’t make it too formal! Sure, you could try the opera if your date is into it, but it’s not the most casual setting. A live jazz concert might be better because it is less formal. Also, you can always ask your friends to come for some support and make a casual social date with your Tinder match. This will impress your date, and it opens up the possibilities for you to have fun in private later on. 

Netflix and Chill

This sort of Valentine’s day date could appeal to younger millennials who prefer Netflix and chill over bars and restaurants. If you’ve never tried Tinder, you may not know that it’s normal to invite someone over for a game night, dinner at home, or for Netflix and Chill. And since we’re talking about Valentine’s day, there’s a chance that your date could be into it. 

This casual activity can take away a lot of pressure from Valentine’s day. Both of you can simply stay inside, and you don’t have to encounter dozens of long-term couples kissing and hugging in public. If you think that your Tinder match might be into it, there’s truly no harm in asking. And if she agrees, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll end up in bed instead of alone on Valentine’s day.

Go Old-School in the Bowling Alley 

And for an active date that also takes the pressure off, choose a bowling alley. This old school date idea will work wonders on Valentine’s day because it’s so playful. You and your date will be able to compete against each other and ultimately tease each other. Also, can you remember the last time you went to a bowling alley? It’s not something that people do every day, and it’s quite possible that your date has completely forgotten how fun bowling can be. You can go alone or take a couple of friends and share a few drinks to enjoy the fun. 

Good Luck! 

Well, there you have it! Which idea was your favorite? Find your date on Tinder today, and have fun!