Male Chastity Enforcement – A Brief Guide To Male Chastity Devices

I do not receive any devices I use of have used for free. I do not get paid for promotion. My experience with male chastity enforcement devices comes completely from the point of a total “newb” and hard learned knowledge through the long process of implementing a chastity enforcement lifestyle within my own relationship and then through helping others do the same on their own terms. One thing that became quite clear is there’s a huge difference between male chastity devices that are appropriate for real enforcement and those that are just sex-toys meant for a bit of fun.

Surprise Number One
Length of the device and the part of the device that encloses that actual shaft is far less imporant than the size of what’s referred to as the base ring. Taking on length first, get a device that’s too short. Unless you really are dealing with a micro penis don’t go crazy for the first try but in no way do you need to worry about a device where the shaft is an inch or more too short. In fact that’s what you want. If you don’t go with one that’s too short it will be unwieldy, add unnecessary weight and ultimately will be less suited to all-day every-day wear. With the easy part out of the way obviously it will take a bit to move to a device that’s really short, like an inch max, more on that another day.

Moving on to the hard part — the base ring. The base ring is the ring that goes all the way around the male penis and balls. The base ring is what anchors the rest of the chastity device in place. This is the most crucial part to get right. Being a complete novice when I agreed to enforce my male’s chastity I made the mistake of choosing rings that were way too large. Sure I read how to measure, I read what the right size should be, but guess what… I still got rings that were way to large. Then I did the same thing again and again. That’s because nobody anywhere I’ve seen tells you that you need one that’s really tight. The base ring needs to be restrictive, nobody, no seller, no site just says that. It needs to be smaller than a loose measurement. A base ring needs to be a little too small in a way that is not too hard to figure out but hard to find anywhere on-line, believe me I asked.

Here’s the reality; the penis shaft behind the scrotum and balls seems to be a larger diameter than the shaft by a substantial amount. In a way it is but it’s mostly very loose scrotum skin/flesh. What you need is a ring that’s about the same diameter of the penis shaft in front of the scrotum when completely flaccid and at it’s smallest. There’s two problems with obtaining exactly what size this is. The first is measuring or trying on rings while the penis really is completely flaccid and at it’s smallest. Even a slight erection that happened a half hour ago will probably distort the sizing to be to large. The second problem is psychology — namely mine and probably yours. You don’t want to hurt anything, you don’t want it to be too small and cause some horrible problem so you may have a tendency to err a little bit bigger than it should be. Go the opposite way, go a little bit smaller than it should be. If it’s not a challenge getting that base ring on then it’s too big.

Surprise Number Two — Installing A Basering
I just took the wind out of surprise number two above. If you are gentle at all you will have a hard time installing that base ring the first time or even the first couple of times telling your self it’s way too tight. As a guideline it should compress everything a bit once it’s on. Also realize that your male will also be getting some sort of partial erection while the base ring is being installed. Even if he’s just had some sort of satisfaction, there will be resitual swelling that will make things way tighter than they will be when completely flaccid.

With that being said putting a base ring on takes a bit more force than you will think. I would advise a solid base ring rather than a split ring that opens. The reason is they only way a split ring of the right — tight size can work is if you have 4 hands. It’s very difficult to keep it closed while getting the rest of the device and it’s attachment points all lined up correctly. Go with a solid ring instead, far better and much easier once you get used to install it. You may even have your male partner do it himself.

So how do you put a solid base ring on? Here’s what I’ve found to be the easiest way as long as the ring is the right size.

Hold the ring against one ball.
Take a small piece of skin that’s right against your male’s ball and start pulling it through the ring until that ball that you were holding the base ring against just pops thru.
If required move the other ball close to the ring, it will probably have followed along anyway.
Grab another piece of skin thru the base ring that’s sort of centered on the ball that’s not thru the ring yet and tug untill that next ball is now also through the ring. The base rings I have used are barely the same size as each testicle so there’s a bit of tug required. Nothing so much as to tear skin or even be at all uncomfortable. No need to pinch.
Hold the base ring with both balls now thru the ring against the shaft of the penis.
Start tucking the shaft of the penis, head first, thru the ring. Be forceful, it’s not going to break. In fact it’s not even going to cause any pain when flaccid.
Once the head is thru the ring, the shaft will be bent above the ring and the head and balls will be thru the ring below. Grab the head of the penis and tug it thru while possibly pushing the bent shaft above as well.
That’s it. My biggest issue getting a base ring that was the correct size and actually secure was I wasn’t able to exert the amount of force required. I somehow thought if anything compressed or need to be squeezed then it was too small — WRONG. It should take a bit of compression and care to remove as well. If you can just pull it off (even with a lot of force) without having to go through the reverse procedure of shaft, one ball, then the other ball to get if off then it’s WAY TOO BIG. One more thing about base rings. It should be very snug, no gaps, no space, a little bit of compression all the time even when the male’s penis is completely flaccid and at it’s very smallest with no straining against the device at all, no partial chubby period. This means that there will be some amount of friction — to bad, that;s what’s required for enforced chastity. Use a little long-lasting lotion to reduce the friction if requited. This will be fine as long as the ring isn’t too big. Even if it’s a tiny bit too big a little lotion will allow it to slide right off, this should not be the case. It took me at least half a dozen rings to get to the one that was small enough and actually the right size. I was too timid. Weeks of wasted time.

Surprise Number Three — The Penis is idiotically flexible and squishable
Okay, so we have a properly sized base ring. Next up is the rest of the device. There are a million of them out there that range from cheap to idiotically expensive. Start with a cheap one even if you eventually gravitate towards a custom made male chastity device down the road. The basic workings are similar and depend on trapping the balls and the penis at the same time. Almost all devices (more on the other kind later) depend on another ring that goes around the shaft and is part of the device that encases the penis. When put together and attached that other ring is very close to the base ring but in front of the scrotum, that’s the ball-trap part. Here’s the problem, if the penis comes out of that front part of the device it’s game over, the device is useless. Even if that second ring is close enough and provides so little space so that the balls cannot be squeezed through the space there when locked it’s pretty much a hunk of stuff hanging off the male’s balls.

That leads us to devices that work and devices that don’t. The penis shaft when completely flaccid can be squeezed though pretty much any space, you can flatten it to 1/4″, maybe less and it’s completely flexible in that way. Just about all devices can be removed based on this. Here’s the two things that work. First a urethral tube that is long enough to extend to the base ring or even a little farther when installed. The urethral tube keeps the penis from moving laterally no matter how soft and flexible. If it extends thru the base ring or just about there’s just no way to pull the penis shaft far enough back to escape, it would almost be like turning it inside out.

The second kind of device that works is one that secures to one of a couple different penis piercings. The best of these also cover the piercing so that that point of contact is also secured. I’ve seen a device I plan on installing on my hubby soon that acutally utilizes both. I can’t wait to get it, I think it’s going to be either a present for his birthday, christmas, or our anniversary. I am waiting until I am sure I know exacty what size and options I want. I’ll probably keep it simple but I am thinking about weather or not I want to have the sharp anti-any-erection spikes as an option. They increase the bulk and I don’t think the device looks as good with them as an option but really I am vacillating on what my favorite feeling is when he pleasures me. On one hand when he’s frustrated and can muster the feeble partial erection (nowhere near the pressure he used to exert a year ago) he’s ravenous. On the other hand I like the feeling when he’s subdued and goes at it with a bit more humility as well. Ultimately I will decide based on this more than anything else.

Metal, Plastic, Or Silicone?
My answer is metal. I look at plastic and silicone more as play-toys or at best a symbolic gesture in a life-style chastity relationship. If the goal is enforcement than my feeling is that the chastity device should not be able to be removed in some small fit of frustration in a few seconds. All of the plastic and silicone devices I’ve seen and my husband used to want me to play with before I even agreed to actively enforcing his chastity could be removed in a minute at most in any little tantrum. The metal devices I use that are properly fitted and designed will take far more effort and time, maybe days of careful work. In fact it’s hard to imagine that my husband could remove them himself given how awkwardly positioned and how little clearance for any tools that cut metal. The base ring… hmmm, that would be dicey and would take a while. The other parts, well possibly but one would be almost impossible, the other would take an immense amount of time as well.

The other problem with most of the plastic and silicone divices I’ve seen is that in reality they are easily escapable even without resorting to breaking or cutting. Hence my feeling that they are symbolic. Let’s suppose that there is a design that works, works as it can’t be taken off with out the key. It certainly can be broken or cut in about a minute tops — symbolic. While that’s fine, if you experience is anything like mine transitioning from a sex-game, foreplay to lifestyle chastity enforcement has it’s periods where you absolutely want the device to be secure and unable to be removed quickly and easily. In fact I believe it necessary to actually have your male partner try really hard, as in his best effort to remove it, tools and all. That’s what I did before I went full-time, I made sure that it was actually secure and both of us knew it. One week after that was when I went full-time without warning.