Men’s Fashion Trends 2021

What will be the biggest men’s fashion trends in 2021? We’ve looked into the Spring/Summer 2021 collection to find the best items and styles that men should definitely check out as we enter March. We’ll show you how you should dress in 2021 to turn heads and make a strong statement! 

Looking Back at 2020

While we’ve all perfected our “stay at home and do nothing” clothing game during the lockdown, 2020 still gave us other exciting menswear trends and items that were incredibly inspiring. And we’re not talking about fashion-aware Corona masks! In 2020, we saw stars like Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Gosling, who absolutely knocked it out of the park with formal to casual wear for spring and summer. When it comes to the most popular 2020 trends, here are some of the main ones in case you missed them: 

  • Cuban Collar Shirts — These breezy and stylish shirts made a comeback, and you can still wear them to make a strong statement!
  • Oversized Blazers — ’80s oversized blazers are back! In 2020, they proved you can make a modern spin on retro outfits and wear a perfect blend of casual and formal.
  • Relaxed and Loose Suiting — Relaxed fits were all the rage last year!
  • High-Waist Trousers — High-waist trousers were also hot last year, and they can help you look like Marlon Brando and other stars of the ’40s.  
  • Satin — Satin was a favorite of fashion designers in 2020. Some creators like Saint Laurent used this glossy fabric to emphasize style and pizzazz, from harem pants, sleek shirts, and frock coats. 

But what does 2021 hold in store for men’s clothing trends?  

High Function Vibe — Utility Trend

The utility trend shows no signs of slowing down a few successful seasons! This look is all about high function while remaining stylish. For example, Zegna and Gucci unveiled some gorgeous military field jackets with canvas and leather. 

Then, Balmain designed a complete safari look with classy khaki colors. However, Dior truly broke new ground with a stunning crocodile field jacket! If this trend breaks through, the summer will be full of new utility clothing that makes you dress like you’re about to survive an apocalypse! 

Deeper With Nautical Clothes

Nautical is not such a popular trend currently, but several fashion houses showed off some impressive pieces with this style. It’s all about seamen, sailors, and explorers! 

But, the trend will step out of the traditional navy clothing styles in 2021. That’s especially evident with Gucci’s intarsia-knit sweater vests with timeless diamond patterns or cute navy anchors. Moreover, Dolce & Gabbana showed off some over-the-top Breton-style tops with relaxed fits for a fresh take on the nautical theme. 

Classic Aviator — Bomber Jackets

It looks like 2021 will finally revive a trend that most fashion-aware guys have been waiting for all along! 

Bomber jackets and classic aviator styling are insanely attractive while remaining neat and elegant. The fashion world is churning out bomber jackets right now in various styles and shapes. 

Hermes and Prada showed us some impressive minimalist bombers that will surely take off with the younger crowd. Then, there’s Gucci’s functional nylon design with ’70s styling. Phillipp Plein also unveiled some soon-to-be-classic high-shine bombers. Other creators like Moschino and Zegna have also jumped on board the bomber jacket trend! 

Oversized Trench Coats

Trench coats are an iconic item for springtime, but this year, they could get even bigger due to updated designs! The Spring/Summer collection reveals that many creators are setting their eyes on oversized trench coats which offer a comfortable fit while also serving as statement pieces.

Études and Zegna released some coats with dusty colors as well as some in midnight blue. They can allow you to create an eye-popping contrast with wild accessories or trousers and shirts to improve on the flavor of the ’70s and ’80s. They’ll appeal to almost anyone, and especially those who love John Cusack’s look in that legendary boombox scene from “Say Anything!”

How do you wear trench coat according to the street-style set? Read this article.

Big and Bold Bermuda Shorts

From runways to red carpets, we see more and more Bermuda shorts in various minimalistic to outright outrageous styles. The look will truly perfect itself in 2021, especially for those who are into soft-hued summer vibes. 

At Zegna and Casablanca, we’ve seen oversized shorts with subdued colors like lilac and seafoam. Gucci and D&G are focused more on patterns and airy fabrics. This year, you could choose a pair that fits right above your knees and combine it with unique footwear.

Addams Family Tailoring

Remember the Addams family? We’re predicting that clothes based on their timeless style will be huge by the time we get to Halloween. But it’s not just about Halloween and funerals. The Addams family truly had style! 

Several creators have based their pieces according to the iconic clothes of Gomez, Morticia, and the rest of the gang. The look is being worked on by Salvatore Ferragamo, Prada, Dsquared2, Philipp Plein, etc. Some of the best pieces for this trend will be pin-sharp coats and suits. Moreover, we’ll see black blazers and greatcoats for a sharp look filled with mystery and magic. 

Pastel and a Punch of Neon

If you were a non-believer, you’ll definitely change your mind about pastels in 2021. They really work miracles for spring and summer! You can get an inkling of how huge this trend is going to be if you look at some pieces from a variety of creators. 

Gucci, Zegna, and Prada have all taken on pastels and neons for Spring/Summer 2021. That includes candyfloss-colored suits, striped pastel trousers, pastel knitwear, blazers, and many other similar items!

Vests Under Suits

Finally, if you want to improve on your ’80s styling even further, pairing vests with relaxed blazers and trousers will definitely turn heads. Armani, Tom Ford, and Dunhill all gave us a glimpse of how good vests look under suits, especially if worn with kimono-style or V-neck shirts. They’ll emphasize the male chest and show off its strength and elegance, which is why we think many celebs and pop stars will be into them in 2021! 


So which trend will you rock first in 2021? Have fun finding your new and unique fashion style!