Tentacle Dildos Are Now Invading the Sex Toy Market and Here’s Why

It’s no secret that the adult toy market is full of all sorts of kinky and sometimes crazy products. From dog-like silicone cocks to otherworldly dildos, you can find almost anything you like online. However, we’re here to talk about tentacle sex toys. We’ll go through the ins and outs of this phenomenon and maybe help you get one of your own eventually.

Tentacle Dildos Are Here and Ready to Pleasure You

The adult industry was never shy about introducing bizarre and sometimes comic themes to their products. We’ve all seen at least one porn parody of a famous Hollywood movie, or we’ve been thinking about some obscure kink while alone. And that’s completely normal since sexual fantasies correspond to real-life. Still, these kinky concepts sometimes stray into alien-like scenarios.

Tentacle dildos are toys that resemble inhuman creatures and are a big thing in the adult fantasy community. Moreover, they look like alien penises, with all sorts of little octopus details that arouse some people. For whatever reason, some folks don’t enjoy human-like genitals (past trauma or something similar) and savor fantasizing about having sex (even if it’s rape) with fictional creatures.

Unfortunately, most kinks and fetishes have a bad rep because of their portrayal in the mainstream. Just like BDSM, fantasy cosplay tends to fall under scrutiny because people believe it’s weird and dangerous. However, the truth is the opposite. Your friendly neighbor couple might enjoy playing around their bedroom with Lovecraftian penises every other night, and they’re not dangerous.

Tentacle fantasies are a thing in hentai (Japanese animated porn). And since Far-Eastern culture seems to be pretty cool and provocative for Westerners, it’s no wonder we have a new trend on our hands. Every once in a while online, one might end up in contact with graphic art that features a schoolgirl and a squid monster having sex. But let’s explore why some people enjoy this, shall we?

Why Would Someone Use a Tentacle Shaped Dildo?

Like we’ve said, the reasons are many. From past trauma that makes one dislike or fear actual human genitals to pure fantasy schlock, alien sex seems like a good deal. It’s a form of sexual escapism if you’d like, just like any fantasy is in its origin.

Such toys help you recreate something you’ve seen in tentacle porn or in some naughty manga. But it’s not only for single people. Couples who like to play around and come up with weird scenarios can incorporate tentacle dildos into their sex lives. It’s a simple yet effective way to make all your dreams and fantasies somewhat real and believable.

On the other hand, their design is just different and can make you feel something new. You see, tentacle dildos don’t have clear penis heads like the human ones, nor do they have slick sides or simple textures. Their design is completely out there. Full of wrinkles and odd shapes, they can stimulate, massage, and do things a human dick simply can’t.

Tentacle Porn

In case you haven’t been living under a rock for the past 20 or so years, you’ve come across animated porn with tentacle monsters and school girls. But if you didn’t and find yourself surprised by this, we’ll explain everything. Namely, tentacle porn is a subgenre of Japanese hentai films. Hentai is anime erotica, in short.

However, this isn’t anything new. Some records show that such sexual depictions exist on Japanese wood carvings from the 18th and 19th centuries. Some of their artists are pretty popular because of this, like Hokusai and Kuniyoshi. And since tentacle porn is breaking into the mainstream in the West, it’s not uncommon to see such content on some popular tube-like porn sites too.

But watching porn like that doesn’t mean one uses silicone dildos that resemble creatures from such fiction. Still, it’s pretty fascinating that humans find such bizarre things erotic. And as times change, we’ll inevitably be seeing more and more similar content online. From dragons to xenomorphs, the future is wide open.

How to Introduce Tentacle Dildos Into the Bedroom

Lots of people have problems when it comes to introducing kinks and fetishes to their partners. Whether they would like to try a simple sex toy like a butt plug or they’re thinking about a threesome, it feels pretty awkward. And we get it. No one wants to feel rejected, even if you’re a fully independent adult. It’s as simple as that.

Nevertheless, there’s always a way to make it easier. And the answer is communication and being prepared for your partner to say no. So, just like with any healthy and strong relationship, the roots of its success lay in sharing thoughts. Sharing your feelings and doubts is the only real way to make your relationship last.

Hence, if you’re thinking about employing a tentacle dildo in your bedroom, be ready to talk openly about it. There’s no need to pressure them. Allow them to understand your fantasy. Talk about safety, its background, and other interesting facts.

You can always start by watching tentacle porn first. This way, they’ll get to know what’s on your mind and have time to process it. But if you see that they’re struggling with your idea, don’t insist on it. They’ll accept it with time, and you’ll eventually have the opportunity to spice up your sex life with tentacles and deep orgasms.