The different shapes and stimulation levels of anal plugs

Butt plug with a ring is suitable for both independent use and for intimate joint games. The silicone ring is easily put on the finger; the toy will be convenient for gradual immersion and getting pleasant sensations. The cork is a small size suitable for beginners; it will prepare even beginners for anal sex. The use of such toys increases the level of trust between partners and creates a secret connection. Use all opportunities for pleasure and give your partner true joy. So in case you are confused in between silicon vs stainless steel butt plug, then here is the guide for you. Denote the advantages of products:

  • Anatomical form does not cause discomfort, especially when using lubricants. It will allow you to quickly relax your muscles and learn to trust your partner.
  • Production material – the checked medical silicone which does not cause irritation and an allergy. This toy fits all.
  • An interesting design will appeal to true connoisseurs. You can simply admire the model, it is so skillfully executed.
  • Nowadays, anal stimulation has become an integral part of the sex life of advanced and liberated lovers. And fans of such pleasure are equally both women and men. The most popular product in this category is butt plug (bushing). Most couples who prefer alternatives to regular sex have this toy. The classical model has a drop-shaped shape, a narrow leg and a wide base to prevent the sleeve from falling into the body.
  • Beginners are interested in the question: “What is an anal plug for?” First of all, the sleeve is designed to stimulate the anus. It enhances sensations during intercourse, and with it orgasm comes faster. But it is also used as a simulator for relaxation and habituation before anal sex or double penetration with a second partner. In some cases, the plug can be used as an intimate decoration or accessory for games in the style of Animal Play, as well as to narrow the vagina. The latter function is especially important for women with weakened intimate muscles, for example, after childbirth.

Benefits of using anal plugs

Many will not believe it, but the use of the anal plug can carry several useful properties at once:

  • For the prevention of prostatitis. Because of sedentary and sedentary work, pathogenic elements accumulate in the prostate, which directly affect erectile function. As a preventive measure, doctors prescribe a prostate massage in this case. You can, of course, use a finger for this, but it is much more efficient and pleasant to use the anal plug with a bent tip. If prostatitis is already diagnosed, then the product will be a great helper for pain relief;
  • For the prevention of hemorrhoids. Regular stimulation of the anus with various toys improves blood circulation in this area, prevents the occurrence of blood stasis and hemorrhoids.

Types of anal plugs

  • The size: The opinion that the butt plug is traditionally a small sex toy is erroneous. The length of the products can be 7 cm, and maybe more than 30. The diameter varies around 2-11 cm. The larger this number is, the stronger the impact on the walls of the anus will be.
  • The form. As mentioned above, traditionally, the toy has a teardrop shape with a narrowed tip for easy insertion and a wide base, acting as a stopper. With this form also, the butt plug won’t come outside easily. In a known sex shop like, you can buy an anal plug that resembles a thumb, princess plugs or mini-phallus, as well as male models with a curved end, which are designed to stimulate the prostate.
  • Modern anal plugs are made from soft-touch medical silicone, durable PVC, elastic thermoplastic rubber, reliable metal and glass, as well as plastic, gel, etc. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, glass toys differ in aesthetic appearance, but are afraid of mechanical damage. And the surface of soft and delicate silicone products is easy to spoil with very hot water.
  • Beautiful butt plugs have good reviews. Plugs with different decorations are better suited for long wearing than for stimulation. Bushings with a fluffy tail made of natural fur will be an excellent accessory for intimate games. Jewelry can even be given as a gift to your soul mate.

How to choose a butt plug

Selection of the anal plug begins with its size. If we are talking about buying the first sex toy, then you should opt for small items. The best butt plug for beginners is a set of several products of various sizes at once or an inflatable device described above. Begin your acquaintance with this category of intimate goods with soft-touch products made of silicone. They have a velvety surface and quickly take body temperature. For the first time, give preference to sleek sleeves. After mastering them, you can move on to toys with patterns and complex shapes. As for the price, you should not buy super-expensive goods at once. It is possible that their use will not be so comfortable for you. There is nothing wrong with the fact that the cost of the first anal plug will be slightly below the average,

If you need butt plug for use alone, then it is better to take the model on the suction cup. It can be conveniently fixed on any smooth surface and enjoy the stimulation of this butt plug all weekend, fully controlling the process. In this case, your hands will remain free, and you can pay attention to another erogenous zone. If you have enough experience in anal fondling, and you want to go ahead and try fisting, you should not waste your time on products of medium or large size. In stores for adults there are special products for fisting, including butt plugs. Such, as a rule, contain in their composition antibacterial components, which is important in this matter.

How to use the anal plug

Butt plug sex always begins with preparation. It is not recommended to use the plug without prior hygienic procedures. The best helpers in this case are the classic enema or reusable anal douche. As a liquid, you can use warm boiled water or a cleansing solution with the addition of soap, salt or chamomile. Since we are talking about a cleansing enema, it is very important that the water is not absorbed and left the body in full.

You need to prepare not only your body, but also the toy itself. After buying the product in the store, be sure to wash it in warm soapy water or treat it with a special cleaner for sex toys. The same procedure should be repeated each time before and after using the anal plug.

Remember, anal stimulation is impossible without the use of a lubricant. Therefore, it is better to stock up with a sufficient amount of lubricant in advance. Regular moisturizing gel for vaginal sex is not suitable. Need a tool suitable for anal caresses. It is good if it contains analgesic, regenerating and antibacterial components. It is better if it is water based, since silicone is not compatible with some materials of toys and can simply destroy them. Do not save the lubricant and grease them abundantly with the anus and the working part of the sleeve. Add grease as it dries.

The muscles of the sphincter slowly get used to stretching, so you need to insert the tube into the anus gradually. If you do not trust this delicate matter to your partner, try to do it yourself. It is important to completely relax and take a comfortable posture. By the way, simultaneous stimulation of other erogenous zones is perfect for the first one. The plug can be slowly introduced right during or after sex, at the moment when the anal muscles are as relaxed as possible.

Precautionary measures

If both partners at once are not averse to trying anal caress, then you shouldn’t share one stopper for two. To follow good hygiene, use two different sleeves. It is desirable that they were not similar, and they could be easily distinguished from each other.

For the same purpose, in no case use the plug to stimulate the entrance to the vagina. Otherwise, you risk your own health. Bacteria can cause serious illness in cases of falling into the vagina.

If the stimulation of the anus, even if all the safety rules are observed, brings you pain and discomfort, you should stop using the cork.