The Different Shapes and Stimulation Levels of Anal Plugs

The anus is a gentle flower that can bring infinite sexual pleasure to any woman or man. However, you’ll need to learn how to train it properly first. For this, anal plugs and various toys are the essential first step. 

You can use them for tons of different sex acts, from foreplay to kinky fetishes and anal training for full penetration with bigger cocks or dildos. Many variants are out there, including anal beads, standard butt plugs, vibrating plugs, prostate massagers, and even inflatable plugs! But how can you find the perfect plug for you, and what are some of the sensations that you can get from various types of anal toys? Check out this guide and find out all you need to know!

Anal Beads

This type of toy is ideal for both newbies and people who love mild anal stimulation. You can find beads in all sorts of sizes. The main feature of this adult sex toy is that it contains multiple beads joined together on a string with some space between them.

Moreover, the smallest bead is usually around an inch or less in diameter, and each consecutive one is slightly larger. Most of these toys contain a ring at the base. That will allow you to pull the beads out gradually, which can enlarge the sphincter muscle.

Additionally, the sensation the beads can produce as they pass through the tight sphincter muscle is unparalleled. To put it simply — they stimulate the sensitive nerves of the anal area during the insertion as well as the removal. That puts a unique type of pressure onto the anus, and the feeling differs slightly from using a dildo or vibrator. Many people enjoy removing them at the point of climax because they can intensify their orgasms. What’s more, you’ll find them in various materials, including silicone, stainless steel, rubber, glass, etc. 

Butt Plugs

Standard butt plug shape is the most common. The toy is among the most popular and most versatile choices for plug play. For instance, you can use them for training or during various sexual acts. 

This toy features a cone-like shape and a flared base. It enables the toy to stay inside the rectum all the way until you choose to take it out. The sphincter can grip the plug firmly and allow it to stay inside and the butt plug won’t come out easily. That means that people can leave them in for longer periods. 

Also, plugs can vary in size and circumferences. The size of the base is incredibly important to the sensation that this toy can produce. There are plenty of designs that you can choose from, and most of them are pretty like princess plugs from It can stretch out the anus and result in some incredibly pleasurable sensations in combination with other sex acts. For instance, the butt plug can stay inside during oral and vaginal sex. 

As you reach the plateau stage of excitement, your anus will start to clench onto the butt plug, which will provide a highly distinctive sensation, especially during orgasms. They are also among the most exciting sex toys for couples. Many love to use butt plugs as they can simulate threesomes and double penetration when combined with a penis or another sex toy. 

Additionally, this anal sex toy comes in many varieties. It is often made out of silicone, glass, metal, rubber, and similar materials. Beginners should use silicone butt plugs since they have a realistic and gentle feel. Moreover, they are easy to clean and maintain. 

Some butt plugs contain vibrating motors or even furry tails for fetish roleplay. What’s more, inflatable butt plugs are also among the ideal toys for anal training and stimulation. 

Inflatable Anal Plugs

This type of plug is made out of flexible medical-grade materials. That includes silicone, PVC, and latex. It is hollow on the inside, and it can increase in size. The plug includes a hand-pump that pushes air inside and allows the toy to expand. Because the material is stretchy, it provides a realistic feel. 

When you insert and inflate the toy, you’ll experience a lot of internal pressure that will spread you wide open. The result is a highly unique sensation. It’s impossible to compare it to any other plug! The inflatable toy can generally double in size. When it swells inside the rectum, it creates a special type of pressure that will intensely stimulate the nerve endings inside you. 

Since you can also control the size of the toy, it is highly versatile. It can allow you to test just how much your asshole can take. It may be the best sex toy if you’re not willing to spend on multiple butt plugs. These toys are a perfect fit for anal training and solo play. However, they are also widely used during fetish play and activities like training for extreme penetration, fisting, and gaping.

It’s also worth noting that inflatable plugs are made with tested and reliable materials. Even though they are hollow, they are quite thick, and you will not have to worry about it bursting.

Prostate Massagers

P-spot massagers are among the most popular toys for men. When it comes to prostate stimulation and milking, not every man will be able to orgasm from this sensation. Luckily, prostate massagers make things much easier since they can accurately target the prostate gland once inside. 

Most prostate massagers have a dildo-like shape with a curved tip. Additionally, they contain a vibrating motor on the inside. Once inserted, the bent tip gently presses against the prostate. Since this walnut-like is packed with nerve endings and plays an essential role in semen release, it can produce orgasms that are much stronger compared to traditional male ejaculation. 

Most men who use prostate massagers experience long-lasting, full-body orgasms with excessive amounts of semen during ejaculation. A lot of prostate massagers also contain external stimulators for the penis and scrotum for additional pleasure. These external stimulators can also put pressure on the perineum for even more naughty fun. What’s more, some prostate massagers include remotes that allow the man or his partner to control the vibrations. 

Final Thoughts

As you’ve seen, various types of butt plugs can significantly improve your sex life and bring you tons of unforgettable anal pleasure. Did you get horny just by thinking of what you could do with one of these sexy plugs? Which one would you choose on your journey to becoming an ultimate anal whore? Take a look at some butt plugs, and good luck!