What Is It Like Being a Bisexual Guy?

If you ever wonder what it feels like being a bisexual, we are here to answer all of your questions. So, without further ado, let’s look at some of the most common questions about this sexual preference.

How Does One Consider Oneself as a Bisexual Guy?

Being a bisexual male means you are into both men and women. Now, some men have preferences, and they would rather date one gender or the other. But for others, both will be equally as hot, and they wouldn’t mind having either male or female partners.

Most commonly, bisexuals are into other bisexual people. They like others who identify as bisexuals and share the same preferences. In the end, it all comes down to personal tastes, and some might behave differently than others. The same thing applies to their attraction, opinions, and sexuality.

Is There a Dominant Side?

There are many misconceptions when it comes to bisexuality. Recently, more and more men are willing to share their stories and accept themselves for what they are. As a result, we can have a clearer look at their sexuality and what they prefer.

Similarly to straight men, bisexuals don’t follow strict rules. Some bi men might enjoy being submissive, while others prefer the dominant role. But this is not some bi male sex rule that’s written in stone. Many people love being a “switch” who can be both submissive and dominant based on their mood and situation.

That is probably the most common preference with bi guys. There is no reason why they shouldn’t enjoy the moment and act the way that makes them happy.

Bisexual Guys Understand Women More

Many straight men have problems with expressing emotions, and it is something everyone is aware of. It almost seems that men think emotions are a vulnerability, and they try to hide behind masculinity. But for bisexual guys, things are a bit different. They are more in touch with their feelings, and they are a lot better in developing a healthy relationship.

It seems that dating a straight male comes with a lot of emotional baggage, and bisexuals are apparently free of it.

The primary reason for that is that they spend a lot of time figuring out their sexual orientation. Also, they question all the negative aspects of masculinity during the process.

Some Women Say They Are Great in Bed

In a recent study, women explained what dating a bisexual guy feels like. And the answers might surprise you. While some women dislike the idea of dating a bisexual, it is a dream come true for others. According to research, bisexual men are better in bed. As we already mentioned, they are more in touch with their feelings and themselves. That had a positive impact on other parts of their lives. It seems obvious how someone completely free and accepting of who they are would be able to satisfy their partner.

Naturally, the study itself is flawed since it is all based on personal preference and taste. But many women claim they wouldn’t be able to date a straight man after beeing with a bisexual.

Not Afraid to Show Their Soft Side

After you’ve spent years trying to figure who you are, trying to fit in traditional monogamous relationships, you can see things from a different perspective. And this is precisely what many men are lacking. As we previously mentioned, bisexual men can understand their feelings better. As a result, their relationships can be healthier. There are no reasons for them to project their opinions on their partner, and hide behind insecurity because they are well aware of who they are.

Furthermore, they aren’t afraid to show their soft side. Now, that is rather important since most men hide their feelings because they were taught that way. They see emotions as a flaw and vulnerability, and they will keep them deep inside. Bisexual men will open up easily, and they won’t look like robots trying to understand their partners.

They Do Things That Straight Guys Do

Bisexual men are not so different than straight guys — they can do the same things that heterosexual guys do. Many people are burdened by stereotypes and cannot see the real picture and real person behind it. But they have the same level of freedom as heterosexuals, and maybe even a bit more.

But as with everything else, it all comes down to personal taste. Yes, some bisexual men enjoy watching sports, fixing their cars, or anything else. But there are no rules. The same way the straight guy can enjoy watching figure skating. Neither of these things should be judged or considered wrong. So enjoy yourself and do what you feel like doing.