Why Men Should Care About Their Skin

Men Are Finally Getting Into Skincare

If you think that anything more elaborate than washing your face in the morning and at night is unnecessary, think again. Skincare isn’t something that only women need to concern themselves with. 

If you ask any dermatologist, they’ll tell you that men, just as women, have acne, oily skin, dry skin, and show signs of aging. In other words, both ladies and gentlemen face the same skin issues. And yet, up until recently, men didn’t care about their skin at all.

Well, they seemingly didn’t care. Men are just as vain as women (and just as worried for their health). But, not that long ago, worrying about skin and appearance was considered “unmanly,” so men didn’t do it (publicly).

Thankfully, times are changing. Men can finally look into skincare routines that work for them. They can work on their damaged skin or buy products for sensitive skin that cater to their needs (instead of stealing those that target their female companions).

Not That Long Ago, Men Didn’t Care

In the late 20th century, men thought that a good face scrub with some soap and water (if anything) was more than enough to keep them looking fresh. Of course, the fact that they didn’t look fresh (or at least not as fresh as they could have) was somehow lost on them. 

Having a daily routine and skincare products was somehow considered “girly,” which is why many guys avoided it (to their own detriment). They scoffed at the very idea of it. Real men don’t use fancy products — they wash with water, and that’s it!

If we consider the times, we can see how societal pressure got to men a little bit. Of course, the fact that all skincare products targeted women and were made for female consumption probably had something to do with men’s reluctance to use them.

Remember, times were different, and the gap between genders was sadly much wider than it is today. So, men refused skincare products. 

They were seemingly fine with chappy, dry skin, dark circles, and spots. Although, somehow, they didn’t have those issues as much as you’d think someone who only wets their face once in a while has. How come?

Well, although notorious for not buying skincare products for themselves, men had no problem sneaking around in the bathroom and stealing the products their mothers, sisters, and girlfriends used.

So it’s safe to say that men have always had somewhat of a skincare regimen. It just wasn’t necessarily tailored to their skin types. They’d use their partner’s facial cleanser or even sneak in an eye cream or a moisturizer for those fine lines around their eyes.  

But Times Are (Thankfully) Changing, and Men Are Now Doing Skincare

The 21st-century brought on a revolution when it comes to what’s “gender appropriate.” Today, men are more than willing to invest in themselves and particularly care about their appearance.

Of course, marketing people didn’t miss the tides of change (they might even have caused them). That’s why, in the past few decades, the skincare market has been flooded with products that particularly target men. 

It started with aftershaves and after-shaving creams and evolved from there into an elaborate selection of products men can choose from. However, men’s and women’s skincare is still rather different.

For example, the 15-step Korean nighttime skincare regime that ladies are crazy about scares men to death. What’s more, it’s a bit too much for them (for anyone really). 

Men are notorious for wanting immediate results with a bare minimum of effort. That’s why the ads that target them and offer skincare products are different from those that target women.

Why Men Should Care About Their Skin

Immediate results are in the realm of improbability, at least for now. But that doesn’t mean men should give up on a skincare regimen. 

Healthy Skin Matters

Just because you can cover half of your face with a beard doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care about the way your skin looks. Men typically have oilier skin (compared to the fairer sex), which means their skin is more moisturized. However, it also means it’s more prone to acne.

Acne is a sign of unhealthy skin. They look bad and feel even worse. They are a pain in the neck on the best of days, and most people are in a rush to get rid of them.

Although acne usually isn’t something that a simple cleanser, moisturizer, and sun cream will fix in a day or two, a good skincare regimen will help.

It Makes You Look Younger

With men, signs of aging (like those fine lines around the mouth and eyes) come not with a sizzle but with a bang. Namely, you wake up one morning and — BANG — there they are. Men look younger for longer than women, but once they get visible signs of aging, it’s all downhill from there (or so they say). Skincare can resolve (or at least prologue) that.

An Easy 5-Step Skincare Routine Anyone Can Follow

When it comes to skincare steps for men, they aren’t too complicated. You don’t have to look into the already mentioned 15-step Korean skincare regime. Five steps are more than enough.

Before we jump to those, it’s important to note that you need to know your skin type before you go shopping for products. The difference between dry, normal, and oily skin is huge. Also, you need special products for sensitive or aging skin.

So, find what your skin type is and purchase a cleanser, a moisturizer, and a sun cream that fit it. Then, follow this 5-step morning and night skincare routine.

  1. Wash your face with warm water to open your pores (or take a hot shower).
  2. Clean your face with a gel or mousse face cleanser and rinse it with cold water.
  3. Apply toner (this is optional) to balance your skin’s pH levels.
  4. Apply moisturizer to keep your skin looking firm (and diminish the signs of aging).
  5. Finally, apply SPF to protect your skin from premature aging and sun damage.

This particular skincare regime isn’t difficult or time-consuming. You don’t even need that many products. If you want, you can expand it and add a face scrub a few times a week. If not, just stick to it, and you’ll have plump, fresh looking skin from now on!

A Few Parting Words

Due to changing times, men are now free to not only care about their health and appearance but actively do something about both. Thanks to societal pressure and personal ideals about manliness, men were reluctant to buy products for skincare. Today, things are different, and there’s a selection of products out there tailored for men.

So don’t miss out! Get out there and get those products that will get you the skin you always dreamed of having!